Who wants to admit that their bodies have mentally or physically given out? No one I know. Most of the people I have helped with their Social Security Disability would much rather have a steady paycheck from work rather than dealing with Social Security. Generally, you have to be out of work to file for Disability. If you are still working but it is getting more difficult, you may be receiving written warnings about your performance. I know you may want to toss these into the garbage. My advice: Save them. Written warnings about work performance or copies of performance improvement plans can show proof that your health was affecting your ability to work.

If you are recently out of work and there is a shift leader, manager, or company owner who is willing to attest to the problems you had keeping a regular work schedule, ask them to write a statement for you. Just like the other scenario, this can show proof of the way your health was affecting your work.

With that said, a statement from a former employer is not necessary. In disability law, the most weight is placed on medical records and what the records show about your mental and physical function. The combination of medical records plus paperwork from a former employer about the problems you had with performance or attendance can go a long way.

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