Let’s say you want to really get down in the weeds on Social Security matters. Here’s a few places you can go online to see what’s happening at the agency that administers Social Security:

  • Congressional Research Service — Posts reports on all kind of things, including Social Security. Tends to be written at the elementary level since they’re writing for members of Congress and their staffs.
  • FOIA Reading Room — Social Security posts some of their more popular responses to Freedom of Information requests.
  • HALLEX — An manual for agency employees working on hearings and appeals.
  • POMS Recent Changes — POMS is Social Security’s main staff manual.
  • ALJ Discussion Board — Where some of the agency’s Administrative Law Judges go to talk about agency matters but it’s mostly for wannabe ALJs.
  • Disability Stats — Statistics on Social Security disability claims.
  • Emergency Messages — Important staff instructions but usually not really about emergencies.
  • Federal Register — Where official notices are posted.
  • OIG Reports — Where the agency’s Office of Inspector General posts reports on investigations they have completed.
  • OMB Regs Review — Changes to regulations that Social Security has asked the Office of Management and Budget to review.
  • Social Security Contracting — Where Social Security posts information about contractors they are seeking.

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