Let’s say you’re 61 and have filed a claim for Social Security disability benefits which is still being adjudicated. You’re about to turn 62. Can you file a claim for retirement benefits? Do you have to choose between disability benefits and early retirement benefits?

No, you don’t have to choose. You can do both. Go ahead and file the early retirement claim. You’ll be paid that benefits, which is reduced from the full benefit rate, referred to in the business as the Primary Insurance Amount (PIA). If you’re eventually approved for Social Security disability benefits they’ll pay you the difference between the reduced early retirement benefit and the PIA for those months after you turned 62.

One minor hitch: You can’t file a retirement claim online after you’ve filed a disability claim. It’s some systems limitation. You’ll have to go to a Social Security office in person or call them, if you can get through.

Also, if you’re between 62 and full retirement age and already drawing Social Security early retirement benefits, you can still file a claim for Social Security disability benefits. Same deal.

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