Things got a little less difficult for Social Security disability claimants on June 22. The agency issued an Emergency Message on which jobs can be considered as alternative work a claimant can perform if he or she is unable to perform their past relevant work. You may find it hard to believe but Social Security has been turning down huge numbers of claimants based upon the supposed existence of these obsolete jobs.

DOT Code DOT Occupational Title DOT Industry Designation
209.587-010 Addresser clerical
249.587-018 Document Preparer, Microfilming business services
249.587-014 Cutter-and-Paster, Press Clippings business services
239.687-014 Tube Operator clerical
318.687-018 Silver Wrapper hotel and restaurant
349.667-010 Host/Hostess, Dance Hall amusement and recreation
349.667-014 Host/Hostess, Head amusement and recreation
379.367-010 Surveillance-System Monitor government services
521.687-010 Almond Blancher, Hand canning and preserving
521-687-086 Nut Sorter canning and preserving
726.685-010 Magnetic-Tape Winder recording
782.687-030 Puller-Through glove and mitten
976.385-010 Microfilm Processor business services


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