Is diabetes a disability? Absolutely. Diabetes causes disabling health problems for many. However, a diagnosis of diabetes does not guarantee approval of a Social Security disability claim. It all depends upon how badly diabetes is affecting a person. There are plenty of people who have early, well controlled Type 2 diabetes who wouldn’t know they had it if a doctor hadn’t told them. There are others with diabetes who are in terrible shape.

What kinds of things do Social Security look for in a diabetes case? Evidence of some of these problems associated with diabetes:

  • Peripheral neuropathy — numbness, tingling, burning in the feet and occasionally in the hands
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Vision changes
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Diabetic gut
  • Difficulty controlling blood sugar — persistently high A1c
  • History of diabetic ketoacidosis (if your blood sugar was so dangerously high that you were hospitalized, probably you were in or near ketoacidosis)

Table of what Social Security look on a diabetes benefits case.

In addition to the diabetes, Social Security must consider your age, education and work experience as well as any other ailments you have.

You can get on Social Security disability benefits for diabetes but you shouldn’t expect a quick, easy win. You’re probably going to need an attorney.

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