You probably already know that Social Security takes what seems like forever to act on Social Security disability claims. That’s an enormous problem. You’re waiting and waiting for Social Security to act while your savings are rapidly dwindling. You worry about being dependent on relatives and friends.

I’ll tell you how many disabled people deal with this problem. They make it worse! How do they make it worse? Faced with Social Security’s backlogs and the indignity of filing a claim in the first place, they work hard to convince themselves they don’t really need to file a Social Security disability claim because they’ll get better and go back to work but they never do get back to work.

If you’ve been out of work for more than six months due to illness or injury, the chances of you getting back to anything like regular work for long are slim. If you don’t accept this harsh reality, you’ll be making a bad situation worse but adding even more time to a process that already takes too long. We’ve had clients who waited seven years before applying for Social Security disability benefits, all the time fooling themselves into believing they’ll get better and go back to work.

One important thing about this is that applying for Social Security disability benefits doesn’t prevent you from going back to work. Depending upon when you go back to work, how much you earn and how long you’re able to do it, the work may not make a bit of difference. In any case, you’re not going to get in trouble as long as you don’t try to conceal the work from Social Security.

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