Increasing numbers of clients have their Social Security disability hearings by video. I prefer in person but many of my clients prefer not to have to go to the hearing office in person, especially if they live out of town. There’s no proof that a video hearing either gets better results or doesn’t. However, even though I prefer in person, I can’t say that the results are worse with a video hearing. Here are some things to expect with a video hearing:

  • Expect an e-mail from Social Security giving you a link to log the video. If you don’t get one, contact your attorney or call the hearing office yourself to ask that it be sent.
  • If you haven’t done so already, download the Microsoft Teams app. You’ll need it to connect.
  • At the time set for the hearing use the link that Social Security provided you to log in. If they’re not ready for you, you’ll have to wait until they are. That could be a short time or not so short a time if they’re running behind. You may have to attach the charger to your device if the wait is really long.
  • If things don’t work, call your attorney or call the hearing office. Actually, there’s a good chance that one or both of them will call you if there are technical problems.
  • Once the hearing starts, it’s much like any hearing. Pay attention to what your lawyer has already told you. Answer the questions truthfully. If you don’t know, say you don’t know.
  • Don’t expect to receive a decision at the hearing.

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