According to a recent study, 54% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 74 read below the equivalent of a sixth-grade education. This statistic is significant for Social Security disability claims as this demographic accounts for the majority of disability claims, particularly those most likely to generate appeals.

Mental Abilities: A Safety Net

If you develop serious health problems, having good mental abilities can provide a safety net. For instance, if you’re a firefighter and your knees give out but you’re not too old, you may be able to transition to being a 911 operator. This is because you have some background in the field and likely possess the intellectual ability to learn a new job.

Physically Demanding Jobs: The Challenge of Transition

However, if you’re a roofer, making the transition to being a roofing estimator may be challenging due to potentially limited intellectual ability. Roofing is hard, dangerous work with poor pay, so it often attracts those with fewer options. Increased age, which reduces adaptability, makes switching to work with fewer physical demands but requiring more intellectual ability extremely difficult.

Misconceptions about Social Security Disability Benefits

There are those who believe that too many people are approved for Social Security disability benefits, arguing that these individuals could switch to less demanding jobs if it wasn’t so easy to get benefits. However, it’s not at all easy to get Social Security disability benefits, nor is it easy for most of the workforce to switch to less physically demanding jobs. Understanding these challenges is crucial for a fair evaluation of the system.


In conclusion, the level of education plays a significant role in Social Security disability claims. It’s important to understand these challenges to ensure a fair and just system for all. This understanding can help shape policies and practices that better serve those in need.

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