I recently talked with a disability client who would become homeless in a few days. Actually, she already was homeless since she’s been couch surfing, which is a form of homelessness, but she’s about to lose even that. She lives in a rural area with no homeless shelter. There is nowhere for her to go. She has no idea what to do. She needed money immediately but I had nothing to offer. What do I tell her? Hop a bus to an unfamiliar city so she could stay in a dangerous public homeless shelter?

While Social Security promises to speed up cases for the homeless, in the real world little preference is actually given. This client’s case will take months if not years. Yes, I’ll ask that her case be labeled as “dire need” but, at least where I am, that’s nearly meaningless. 

Don’t sit there and smugly think that, of course, if I really tried, I could get Social Security to act on her case immediately. If you think that, you have no idea how bad things are at Social Security. Immediate help was never available to anyone not already found disabled. We are well past the days when anyone at Social Security could or would do anything to help. I’m sure this gnaws away at many Social Security employees as much as it does me.

There’s nothing unusual about her case. Being homeless in urban areas is a terrible thing but rural homelessness may be even worse, especially since it draws so little public attention.
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